Release features

not included


Cost estimation calculation fro Epson HTM2 and Epson DTG drivers


Added Turquoise inksets.


-New: HP Latex 700/800 (Beta)
-New: Atexco Deco Y
-New: EPSON MonnaLisa ML-8000
-New: Mimaki TS-100 1600
-New: Fedar FD7198
-New: UNQ digital Formula S8
-New: SRoque ROJET DTG v2
-New: MS JPK Dual CMYK 3200

-Update: Absolute ink mode for Koenig & Bauer RotaJET
-Update: HopeTech SH, new print modes
-Update: Imprimo Xpress 320 v2 new print mode
-Update: KeraJet rotate option
-Update: Mimaki TS500 new print modes
-Update: S.Roqe RoqJet CTS printable size set to 150x150cm

-Fix: Preview images looking distorted
-Fix: Performance issue when doing pixel color replacement


Missing dillution ink when printing STEP2 in CalibrationWizard