Release Features

Groups of simulation models

Now they can be added to one or multiple groups from Simulations management in Administration and they will appear grouped on the designs navigation, Simulations view and on the Printing view.

Azure authentication (neoCatalog Server only)

New option to use Microsoft Azure authentication. Having the Azure authentication in neoCatalog, when log in, the Azure Authentication Agent retrieves the username and encrypted password. The preference is used in neoCatalog's Advanced preferences.

Rulers on the design's detail view

When being in detail view, on the top and left in the preview a ruler is positioned which adapts to the zoom in and out dynamically.

Keywords embedded from XMP metadata

Now when having design using keywords embedded in XMP metadata, this will be created as tags in neoCatalog after importation.


  • Email validation on users management form

  • Save preset name validation on printing view

  • Improved device connection dialog with sub apps and goBack button
  • Removed option to download Low Quality in .v format
  • Improved email configuration when inviting users
  • Add the printing option on Galleries view
  • Random colorways - A message or color indicator when publishing colorways with the check button
  • Add a ‘Clear all’ or ‘Reset’ option that will remove all selected data (client, layout, size, simulation, presets)