New Option to Print to any local printer (except from the desktop App)

The option destination option 'Print' allows to send the customized print to a network office printer.

Status indicator for neoCatalog availability from the internet 

Located in System Info (Administration) to know whether neoCatalog can be reached from the Internet. 

Watermarks in neoCatalog

Applies your company logo as watermark in your design view and output according to the user privileges. The preview in preview modes will use the watermark.

How to start with Watermarks?

Prepare you watermark logo file. Make sure to provide supported file format image. Working with one layer image keep the white part in 50% gray or dark, and the background in 100% black.

Once your watermark image is prepared, simply enable the option 'Enable Watermarks' and load the the image logo that will be applied as watermark. Make sure to provide supported file format image. Once image is selected, load it to your neoCatalog with 'Send' and save the addition with 'Save' button.

You can manage who can use and see the watermarks using the user privileges. The privilege manage how the user will view and export designs with watermarks is 'Show Watermarks' in Export and View Options which can be chosen as 'show' or 'hide'.

  • Show:  The user with category 'user' or 'customer' this privilege will always see and export design using the watermarks.
  • Hide:  The user with category 'user' will not view designs with watermarks, but will have an option in 'Print' to export the print document with or without watermark. The watermark application in print document requires print layouts modifications to su

How to use watermarks in neoCatalog?

When using watermarks in your designs, according to the user privileges, the watermarks will be applied in the previews and in the print document automatically.

In the print document it can be enabled/disabled for the print document with option 'Watermark' below the layout selection of the user has privileges to hide watermarks.

And more...

  • Added option to select Administrators and Managers as colorists. 

  • Added agents field also for Contacts and moved to make it more visible. 

  • Improved app start time 2x faster. 
  • Improved app general performance. 
  • Improve quality for thumbnails and HQ previews! Also using progressive JPEGs for HQ previews, in order to improve speed on slow connections.