Print and measure colors out of range

New functionality to print colors out of color range. It will print only colors that are out of the icc to improve them.

To start using the functionality, make sure the minimum and maximum Delta E is defined in Preferences and the option 'Don't improve anymore' is enabled.

...and more

  • New name for i1Pro / 1iPro2 spectro
  • New license manager
  • New NRE 2.4
  • New Append option to add multiple csv, cgats files into one neoMatch document
  • Added support for i1Pro3 Plus
  • Now appears a spinning wheel when a spectrophotometer is being calibrated
  • Now it is possible to insert a new reference before or after a selected one
  • Added more space between the order number and the first reference in printed targets
  • Now the application ask to the user to save the document in case the document has been modified before close it
  • Measurements options dialog now appears on top.
  • Improved order of mode list for spectro i1Pro 3 Plus.