Calibration Wizard

New STEP 3: Re-linearization

In the calibration process, you will reach the STEP 3, where the linearization of STEP 2 will be re-linerized and precized.

3D visualization 

The 3D visualization is available from step re-linearization and ICC profile selection.

Interface Color Theme

Two different color themes provides: Black or Dark. To access this window, click on Tools | Theme from the top context menu. It unfolds the theme options.

Queue Manager

Start neoStampa and configure your printer driver. At the top menu bar select 'Qm' button to start the nS Queue Manager.

It opens a new window with your in neoStampa configured printer driver where you can do:

  1. Add new printjobs with file selection, printer schemes, comments and layout size.
  2. Organize print obs in print orders.
  3. Move your printjobs in different state of the same printer queue.
  4. Start or pause the print queue status.

When sending jobs for print it will send it PrintServer queue.

PrintServer as default printer queue

Start neoStampa and open the Printer Configuration for printer driver configuration. Add your printer from drivers list. Once is added, enable the option to use the local Print Server. It will establish direct connection to the Print Server as the default printer queue.

It opens a new Print Server queue and is ready to make further queue configurations or to start sending job from neoStampa.

When sending job to print from neoStampa RIP Options, it will send it PrintServer queue.

The Print Server remains active and can be shown, hidden or exit from taskbar hidden icons. If you wish to disable to connection, simply go to neoStampa Printer Configuration and disable the option from installed driver.

Connection with neoCatalog

Working with neoCatalog in the local Windows computer you will be able to link exported designs from neoCatalog to neoStampa. Open neoStampa and start neoCatalog from the header icon. Later in neoCatalog when download designs or generate output from QuickPrint, the files will be loaded in neoStampa automatically.