New previews style

The new way to have preview thumbnails with design and colorway informations using multiple labels, colors and preview titles. You can customize the preview style for designs and colorways individually that fits your need in design and colorways information. The customizations can be performed from administrator of the program only and can be entered from Administration > Preferences > Preview Style.

Better way of item selection

The new way of selection is more dynamic and visualized. Having multiple selection allows to select more than selected designs, you can apply the selection to the items on the current page or all items that exist in neoCatalog.

Create prints in dynamically and quick

New option 'Print' located at the footer bar opens a new dialog that allows you to create printouts more visually and dynamically. Multiple pages are shown and a zoom option provides accurate view on the printout. All supported exportation formats are joined in one place (PDF, XJB, TIFF, PSD, JPG) that can be downloaded or send my email.

When working with neoStampa's Print Server you can select the printing queues which are detected by Bonjour protocol, even add more Print Server connections manually is possible. The printing queue can be open and view from same dialog.