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One automated option that neoCatalog Server is offering is to import multiple files from connected folders. You can define the path to the folder and run the background task.

Having privileges to enter neoCatalog administration, you will see the option 'Multiple file import' on the top menu. When selecting it, it will show process and allows to create new import processes.

Follow the steps when creating a new process:

  1. Add the path of the local folder to where the files are stored (copy-paste path)
  2. Choose if you want to keep or delete the source files after the importation
  3. Select the design type of the source files
  4. Optionally, when working with Sections, here you can select the sections where all files of the path should import.

When all points are defined, choose if you want to import (files will be imported immediately) or simulate (checking the source files) the import process.

After the import process run, you will see a process listed when clicking on the option 'Multiple file import'.

In the process you can view all processed source files results.