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Every gallery has own meaning and perspective of existence, so we think it is important to have different views on the contents of the gallery. neoCatalog provides 3 different views which are placed on the navigation bar :

Grid  , Accordion  and Gridster 

With 'Grid' you have all items ordered by used sorting type and default preview image, as used by designs and colorways views.

With 'Accordion' the items are shown side by side, so that you can slide to the next item smoothly.


The quality and the height of the accordion previews can be changed in the advanced preferences in administration. Contact your admin. 

The 'Gridster' view provides advanced options to view the items in a very unique way. At the first view it looks understated, but with closer look you will see that it contains 'Edit Layout' option.

Click on this option and it opens a page editor that allows you modifications in the gallery. 

Then you can resize items or even changing their position in the layout.

But the special feature is that you are able to attach random items, like photos or gifs. Simply drag the additional item and drop it in the corresponding field.

Once the item is attached it will take place on the free position in the layout. From here you can make further modifications on the item. If you press 'Reset' it will reposition all items to the origin size and position. With 'Done' you can apply your modifications to the gallery.

At the end you have a dynamic view on your gallery.

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