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Release features

not included


Option to use the same halftone (drop positioning) for doubled ink channels


not included


-New: MTEX Dragon V2

-New: MTEX Dragon Direct V2
-New: MTEX Falcon V2
-New: MTEX Eagle V2
-New: SPGPrints Arrow V2
-New: Sublime Sublitech Q5
-New: Grando CEJ-1806
-New: Imprimo Xpress 320 v2
-New: Human Digital P-Jet S3200
-New: HopeTech MK
-New: Durst Rhotex 180TR
-New: Durst Rhotex 500

-Update: Yotta R2100R5, new print resolutions
-Update: Flora TRC, 10 color mode
-Update: Hi-Ink HY-K1600 new print modes
-Update: HengYin MD-MH532 new print modes
-Update: Homer S, SF new print modes
-Update: Imprimo Litium UV LED 250HS, new print mode
-Update: Robustelli Monnalisa ink codes list
-Update: Epson DTG printers, support for single pass white+color
-Update: Xmay Print XMT-10, new print modes
-Update: S.Roque RoqJet CTS G5, new print modes
-Update: HengYin XC-GS, new print modes

-Fix: Inverted colors in preview image for HP Stitch S1000


  • Color Management issue when inkset is K only
  • PrintServer loosing text fonts in certain situations
  • Synchronize schemes with PrintServer issue