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Release Features


  • Now profile is embedded in the document.
  • Added new export menu for measurements that has been measured with time trigger.
  • Added new function to measure the stability of 1iPro/2/3/3plus and MYIRO-1.


  • Added SDK Sentry for error monitoring.
  • Now in Measurement Stability dialog time field accepts decimals and added a +/- button to enter the number.
  • Updated SDK Sentry to version 5.2.2.


  • Fixed issue that don't load the embedded profile if the profile is not found in the local mac files (NM-609)
  • Fixat issue importing CGATS file with lines begining with 0B characters.
  • Now field scancount in measurements dialog is automatically updated, so no tab press needed to take efect this field.
  • Fix issue NM-612 ACB export issue (Illustrator)
  • Fix issue with Measure Stability progress control.
  • Added current measurement readed in measurement stabiliti dialog.
  • Now Generate Multiple Variations DeltaE field supponts decimals with point.
  • Fix making measutemens of stability in backgound now works.
  • In Color World dialog fields are verified without necessary lost focus of press TAB key.
  • In Measurement Stability dialog the button Start is selected by default.
  • Fix a but with MYIRO that in measure stability some times no returns all measurements.
  • Fix issue "Cells on order column non exitable after item edition" (NM-642)
  • Using measurement stability utility, now it is one reference selected all measurements will go to this reference.
  • Changed how measure stability get spectro measurements.
  • Fix a issue when create measurements with Simulator Spectro.
  • Fixed issue (NM-651) Some wrong visualisations of order labels when major 1000.
  • Fixed issue (NM-650) Extra readings overflow to the beginning in Overwrite mode.
  • Fixed issue (NM-653) Exported image file is not in the selected dpi value.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when calibrating the Barbieri Spectro LFPqp.
  • Fix a bug with Big Sur Beta (reference color bigger that it's field).
  • neoRipEngine