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The Printing History is the record of all jobs printed out with Print Server. All them are stored in Queue Manager Printing History, which can be accessed by clicking on the button located at the bottom of the list of queues on the left sidebar.

The default view shows all jobs printed through all queues (‘All’ tab). Every single driver queue history can be displayed by clicking on the tab with its name at the top of the window

Two kinds of search can be run:

  1. By name. Type the job name on the ‘Search by Name’ field.
  2. By date. Choose a default date range among those ones on the dropdown list or select ‘Custom dates’ for a customized search.

The ‘Export’ button on the right of ‘Until’ search field allows the user to download an Excel spreadsheet (XLS) and a text file (CSV) containing the currently displayed job list, and to print it straight from the application by ‘Print this report’ button.

All job names on the table work as links. Click on one of these to show the ‘Job info’, which contains several printing details along with costs and ink consumptions.

As to consumable prices, these can be set up on neoControl, the cost control application that is run from neoStampa.

‘Print this report’ button lets the user to get the ‘Job info’ printed right out.