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Table of Contents

Release Features

nT Virtual Vision: New option to link panel grids with in within object textures

  • Synchronize same parts by two click:

  • Seamless repetition with one click:

neoCatalog Panel: Download neoCatalog LQ files using nC Panel

Now you can download LQ file of separated designs to work faster in nT Colorations.



  • Added channel groups numbers in plug-in that work channel and groups

  • Support for i1Pro3/ i1Pro3 Plus spectrophotometer

nT Colorations

Allow to search colors with low and capital names

nT Masquerade

  • Added support for 15 separations in Smooth quality mode
  • Added separation name in exported channels
  • Added spot color option in separated channels in Photoshop

nT Step&Repeat

Added support for image file with a lot of layers