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Release Features

nT Colorations

Now the proofing is applied in nT Colorations color picker when proofing is active in colorway.

nC neoCatalog Panel

Multiple design uploads; now you can import more than one design using the Panel.



  • Interface compatibility with macOS Catalina.
  • Execution of modules on documents keeping the color layers, adjustment layers or groups without rasterizing the layer (except for smart objects).
  • Added scroll function in module color libraries, colorways- and separations list.
  • Zooming in the preview keeping the click point maintains the position and the zoom will be directed to the selected point.

  • New handling of pop-up notifications in Windows OS.
  • Installer history:

nT Colorations

  • Added an option to disconnect from neoCatalog when not in use.

  • Improvements in color coordinations:  When modifying the dark or light color, we reverse and modify the color with the previous value.
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nT Masquerade

Notification added when trying to exceed the maximum number of separations with the ‘Smooth Separations’ method.

nT Step&Repeat

Automatic rapport support when moving two or more layers at once.

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Known Issues and Problems

nC neoCatalog Panel

Panel has expired connection to neoCatalog and shows warning:


Reconnect with neoCatalog.

A) Connect the panel using bonjour detected neoCatalogs in your network:

B) Using the QR code that neoCatalog creates. To do this, go to neoCatalog and login with your user name and password. In neoCatalog, click on the wheel icon next to the user name tab and select the option to 'Link App'.  New dialog opens giving options to copy the QR to paste it in the panel. It copies the url to your clipboard. Back to neoCatalog Panel, click on 'Add neoCatalog', paste the QR code in the required field and click on 'Register' to create the connection. With successful connection the designs will be loaded automatically.