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Release features

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-New: HP Latex 1500 (Beta)
-New: ALHC 1800TX
-New: ALHC 3200TX
-New: Xmay Print XMT-10
-New: ORIC OR18-TX2
-New: ORIC OR18-TX3
-New: ORIC OR18-TX4
-New: ORIC OR18-TX6
-New: ORIC OR18-TX8
-New: ORIC OR18-TX3
-New: ORIC OR32-TX2
-New: ORIC OR32-TX3
-New: JHF Epson HS
-New: Epson ML8000 (Beta)

-Update: Flora TRC defaults to .prn instad of .rtz for output file
-Update: Homer S, added 1 bit mode
-Update: Homer P, added new print modes
-Update: Added split tiff mode to Kerajet JK Separation driver
-Update: XLEPrint XP600 UV Led V2, updated communications DLL
-Update: Mutoh Valuejet VJ1948WX, selectable bidirection mode

-Fix: Wrong preview image for HP Stitch S1000
-Fix: Distorted previews for some drivers


  • Color Management issue in PDF/EPS
  • Add PRN to the queue issue
  • CalibrationWizard not continuing the selected scheme
  • Job name encoding issue with neoControl