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Add remote printers

Step 1: Create remote environment  

  1. Establish network environment to the neoStampa workstation on the remote workstation.
  2. Start the queue manager application on the remote workstation.
  3. Open a web browser and enter the Queue Managers IP and port https://localhost:9373 in the URL bar.

Step 2: Add Queues manually

  1. On the side of Queue Manager page click on the option "+" to add neoStampa Queue.
  2. Enter the neoStampa's printer queue workstation IP or DNS name with port. Click on 'Add' to complete.

Make sure Print Server is active and running.

Detect remote printers

When working with licensed controlled option with neoStampa to print with remote Print Server only, then Queue Manager will detect the remote printer and add it as printer queue automatically.