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neoStampa is an image processor program for large format color printing (RIP) for continuous Rapport,  multiple images printing and/or for the creation of separations in film printing. It can be obtained with all three units or separately:

 RIP & FILM EDITION:  For color and film printing.

 RAPPORT: For continuous printing.

 SEPARATION PRINTING: For film printing exclusively.

With the program we can import any design in PostScript format or any other image taken from your scanner or other programs, and scale these designs to the chosen or necessary measurements.

The program achieves the enlargement of images with maximum quality and, owing to its color correction algorithms and the different shades available, it will present perfect results, ready to send to printers and/or cutting machines in large format. It also allows the possibility of using ICC printer characterization profiles.

This manual covers the three modes of neoStampa program: RIP, RAPPORT and FILM, as there are features common to all three. Still, there are well differentiated sections corresponding to each printing mode.

The following features are supported by, and are compatible with neoStampa 9:

File formats:
  • Image formats (BMP, TIF, JPG, PSD, XJB)
  • Indexed TIFF
  • Vector/combined formats (EPS, PDF)
  • Multichannel formats (PSD, TIF)
  • Layout formats (CP4, CP5)
Color spaces:
  • RGB (supports embedded profiles)
  • CMYK (supports embedded profiles)
  • Grayscale (supports embedded profiles)
  • LAB (CIELAB D50, 2°)
  • Hybrid color spaces, made up of one of the color spaces mentioned above along with extra channels such as masks, alpha channels and spot channels.

Colors and inks:

  • Color combinations of up to 16 colors.
  • Base inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Golden Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, Beige, Pink.
  • Light inks: Up to 4 light inks of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow; 2 light inks of Red, Green, Blue.
  • Special inks: spot inks, dilution/penetration ink, mask ink, white ink, metallic ink.
  • Multiple inks of the same color can be configured with individual behaviours.