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The printing in the FILM mode differs from the printing in the RIP mode because many functions belonging to color are hidden or inactive. 

Printer scheme manager

The printing scheme manager contains all the printing parameters. Open it with the button '...'Once all the parameters are configured, it is possible to save this configuration in a scheme. Thus, having the program already configured for different kinds of materials is easy, and prevents mistakes. Remember that only by selecting a scheme you will have configured all the printing options.

Printing Quality

The printing quality refers to the actual way in which the machine prints. Some printers allow you to print in various resolutions or modes, varying the final quality of the printing.

Bi-directional Print

This function will send a command to the printer indicating the printhead to move in one or in both directions. Activating the bi-directional Print, the job will be done faster, but it can lose some printing quality. 

Cut Sheet at End

Activates or de-activates this option in printers that allow cutting the media after printing. 


This printing mode has been implemented for printers with variable dot printing technology. Disabling the 'Large dot' makes the print dry sooner; this is what we call the 'Fast-dry' mode. However, bear in mind that by activating this option the resulting color could be paler and, to compensate this shortage, the Ink Usage may have to be increased.

Ink Control

When printing film, it is very important to control the use of ink in order to achieve maximum opacity, which is the amount of ink that polyester film can absorb. The use of ink should be at its top value, making sure that the ink dries well and doesn't spill. We must also make sure that small details such as dots or fine lines can be reproduced. If such details are lost, it means that there is an ink excess, and it should be lowered. Once reached the correct amount of ink, we should save that scheme so that we don't have to enter the values manually every time. But take into account that, according to the resolution of each print, the value of ink amount can vary.

Advanced Options

In the 'Advanced' tab you will find the Dimensional Correction. This option allows to correct measure differences, which are usually caused by the printer's mechanic imperfections or by faulty adjustments. If, for example, a printed job has to be exactly 40 inches long, and the final job is 39.020, then we can make a correction clicking on the button '...'. Pressing the 'Ok' the corresponding correction will take place.