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Before starting to work with nT Colorations, we recommend to deal with the preferences settings in nT Colorations to achieve best results. Open the Preferences dialog with the button , situated at the bottom left area of the window.


  • Gives you options to make default settings all around the color space and color profile. We recommend to use the setting as pictured in the screenshot.
  • The color engines (CMM) are available between Lcms and Apple. Adobe is not supported. 
  • The option that Photoshop manages the working profiles enabled allows only exportation in from Photoshop. Disabled option allows exportations in addition with neoRipMonitor.
  • Different supported DeltaE types. We recommend to use the setting as pictured in the screenshot.
  • Color picker available as Photoshop or Colorations picker.
  • The Output path is selectable between 8 bits and 16 bit.
  • Gradients manages two types of gradient drift. Classic will keep legacy gradients for colorations created in nT Coloration versions 6.9 and 8.0.  Accurate will apply the precise drift used from version 8.1.
  • The option to Use only color library will synchronize always the colors of color library when using color picker.  


  • This option loads RGB, LAB and CMYK images using all the channels, otherwise it remains hidden and the image is blank. By default the it is enabled.
  • Hide background channel hides the option to apply fond color in the background.
  • Lock channel position won't allow the exchange channel position different than in the multichannel file. 


Supported device are Eye One, X-Rite and SpectroPad. From here you can make the configuration, select the mode and the measurement average. Refer to spectrophotometer setup section in this manual. 


  • Colorations in XCM format may be saved as Local (/Users/<USERNAME>/Documents/neoTextil/) or Embedded (image file). 
  • Format available is XCM. This format is used to save the coloration information in text form (XCM). Support for XCL format can be read. The option to save XCM with embedded profiles will save the text file with icc profile data embedded. In that way it is possible to coloring with profiles used in colorations even when they are not installed in the system.
  • Colorways backup option for 1 week, 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. To restore backup, load the uncompressed XCM colorways format from /Users/<USERNAME>/Documents/neoTextil/Backup/<FILENAME>/ in nT Colorations or manually rename the XCM to file name, that will load the colorways when access plug-in.
  • Save document every time exit plug-in. If you want to speed up the exit of nT Colorations, keep the option unchecked. A back-up copy of the colorations is automatically saved every 30 seconds.
  • Update colorations to latest version will convert all colors of previously nT 8.0 colorways into the latest version. Refer to Create Coloration for more information. 
  • Install embedded profiles on load will use the embedded profiles in XCM and install it in your system when loading colorations.


  • Gives you options for screen organisation, Primary and Secondary. 
  • Size allows you to show the image as Infinite, Repeat or Full Rapport.

Background document

When working with device colorways and exporting multichannel colorway in the background with nT Job Queue Panel, then here you can define the format TIF or PSD for the background document generation.