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The final step of the colorations pages is the generation of the pages files.

nT Colorations offers several options to generate and export the printout files.

Generate document in Adobe® Photoshop® & Save to disc

Generate document in Photoshop® exports a coloration, and has to be saved after leaving nT Colorations, in Photoshop®, in any desired format. Click on 'Generate' button to start the process. For 'Save file to disk' you will choose a location and the file will be saved in the background in PSD format. Click on Make button to choose the location.

If working with embedded profiles in colorways, you are required to install the icc and restart Photoshop®, or else to use neoRipMonitor to export the file, because Photoshop® cannot detect the embedded profile, for instance when working with device or printer colorways.

Generate background & neoStampa documents

The module nT Colorations supports additional export options with nT Job Queue Panel that is included in every neoTextil installation. The Job Queue Panel is a panel of neoTextil module that allows to rip and export jobs in format XJB and generate TIF files created as special device or printer colorways. The single panel is managing the jobs in a queue, where it is easy to follow which job is waiting, running and completed for the RIP.