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nS QuickPrint Panel is the panel for Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator® which allows and offers the connection to Print Server to send and print files from your Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator®. Open a document with Adobe® Photoshop®, then display the drop-down option list from Window | Extensions and finally click on nS QuickPrint Panel. Or open the panel using the shortcut on nT neoTextil Panel

Connect with neoStampa's Print Server

The first time you open the panel, you need to establish the connection to Print Server to send your designs to the printer. In the Print Server workstation start your Print Server process so that it remain active. To create the connection you have two options:

Option 1: Bonjour

Connect the panel using Bonjour to detected Print Servers in your network:

Option 2: URL

Using the manual option to add printer. To do this click on 'Add Printer' option and enter/paste the URL of your Print Server. 

Security token

If your Print Server uses 'Security token' to establish connection, you will need to use the token for the connection. 

The required filed for the token will be present the moment you try to connect to the Print Server. Simply copy the token in Print Server and paste it in the nS QuickPrint Panel and continue with 'Ok'.

With successful connection you will have the options with configured Print Server where you can see the preview of the print job, send your image file with printer schemes, comments and layout size.

Customize your print job

Having a document open, in the panel you can see the preview and options to choose to send your print document:

  • Scheme: Here you can choose the schemes that are available for the printers. With the download icon you can get the schemes copied locally in your computer in /Users/Shared/Inèdit Software/InSwRipSetting/.
  • Layout: We provide with neoTextil installations default layouts that you can use to create a print job (stored in /Users/USER/Documents/neoTextil/Layouts/). When working with customized Print Server Layouts, they will be listed here too and copied locally in /Users/Shared/Inèdit Software/Layouts/.
  • Size: Different size options.
    • Layout: uses the page size defined in the layout
    • Image: uses the full image size
    • Custom: allows to define a custom size different than layout or image size.
  • Comments: for layouts with comments field only.

Working with multichannel files and nT Colorations colorways, you can select the colorway from the list (located on the preview) and create a print job.

Currently without remote colorways support.

Some Print Server layouts are not compatible for that kind of colorways and need modifications. Contact Inèdit Software to request a modification.

nS QuickPrint Panel in Illustrator: