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nT Job Queue Panel is replacing neoRipMonitor in previously versions with neoTextil integrated panel for Adobe® Photoshop® that allows to rip and export jobs in format XJB and generate TIF files. The single monitor is managing the jobs in a queue, where it is easy to follow which job is waiting, running and completed for the RIP. Display the drop-down option list from Window | Extensions and finally click on nT Job Queue Panel . Or open the panel using the shortcut on nT neoTextil Panel

Add and print jobs

The jobs can be loaded from button 'Add job' into the panel. The loaded jobs will be displayed in the queue and are waiting to start the rip process. When working in nT Colorations, nT Masquerade and nT Fine Tuning, then you have the possibilities to export and generate the documents in background using nT Job Queue panel.

The loaded jobs will be displayed in the queue and are automatically starting the rip process until the process is completed.

Open and view jobs

When the job processing is completed, clicking the 3dots button reveals opening or deleting options.


The preferences are displayed when clicking on the wheel button that are:

  • CPU - The default value is 2.
  • Memory - The default value is 256.
  • Delete history - Deletes the job queue history.