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nT VirtualVision action tools gives you possibilities to create and modify the simulation grid.

: The grid can be defined when this tool is activated.

: Allows to move the grid as a single object.

: The rotation button allows to rotate the whole grid.

: The resize button allows to re-size the whole grid.

: The ruler button allows to measure two points in the image and give it another measurement.

 : The eyer-dropper allows to select a color in object texture and colorway to apply as color simulation.

 : The linking tool allows to link texture objects in same position or seamless repetition.

: Definition of panel buttons. These two buttons allow to add and remove lines for the grid when we want to give it shape. The lines are both horizontal and vertical.

: Grid mode preview button. When this button is activated we apply the square-default pattern to the panels.

: Preview texture/color buttons. When these buttons are activated we can see texture or color applied to the panels, in Low or High Quality.