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This will guide you to start with nT Repeat and nT Repeat View will show you where and how to find the tools and functions to use with the plug-in. nT Repeat View is a simplified version of nT Repeat and provides execution in execution of lower resolutions. The tools are shared. 

Open an image with Adobe® Photoshop®, then display the drop-down option list from File | Automate and click on nT Repeat 8.X.X / nT Repeat View 8.X.X or else with nT neoTextil Panel shortcuts.

Rapport Options

The Rapport options 'Drop' and 'Mode' are acting as described on chapter nT RapportThe check box 'Calculate minimum rapport' changes automatically the final size of the repeat, respecting the drop and orientation to get an image that repeats 1:1. 

Repeat Options

Shows the Origin, Size, Resolution and Scale of the repeat, and the resolution and scales of the repeat parameters. The 'Edit…' button opens the editing window for the repetition parameters.

  • The Repeat size fields are shown at the top, where the desired repeat values of the rapport and the distance for origin can be adjusted. Default repeats are 3 x 3.
  • The button 'Rapport Minimum' sets the final repeat size at the minimum size, so that the result will repeat at 1/1 rapport, according to the drop and rapport type and the distance between repeats.
  • When enabling 'Original repeat guides', the module creates guides framing the original repeat, showing the current document with the present repeat.
  • The Resolution of Repeat and the Resolution of Preview allow to set the resolution of the final document and the preview of the repeat. The fields 'Resolution' and 'Scale' of the repeat and repeat preview are linked. When the scale is changed, the resolution will be changed in the corresponding proportion and the other way round.
  • Press 'OK' to confirm the values indicated. The preview shows the repeats of your entered values.

The fields Resolution and Scale of the repeat let you use values between 1% and a 100% both of the image resolution and the scale. Also, the fields Resolution and Scale of the repeat preview let you use values between 1% and 50% of the image resolution, and between 1 and 50% of the scale.

Distance Options

In the section distance of the module you can apply any distance between the rapport, giving it a color and transparency. By clicking on 'Edit…' we access the dialog to introduce the distance parameters.

In the dialog you can enter distance parameters like the units, methods and directions. Double clicking on the color patch at 'Fill/Transparent' it will open the color picker to choose a color for your distance. 

The color picker works with 32bits color precision and supports Hexadecimal color codes.

If you wish to fill the distance with color, you must convert the Layer to Background before in Adobe® Photoshop®, or you will execute transparent distance.

When pressing key 'Alt' and moving, clicking on the centred preview and start moving the mouse, you can apply the distance graphically.