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neoCatalog Panel is the panel for Adobe® Photoshop® which allows and offers the connection to neoCatalog to search, view, download and publish designs in your Adobe® Photoshop®.  Take a look on neoCatalog manual or visit our homepage to learn about neoCatalog.

Open a document with Adobe® Photoshop®, then display the drop-down option list from Window | Extensions and finally click on nC neoCatalog Panel.

Link with neoCatalog

First time you opening the panel, you need to establish the connection to neoCatalog to receive and send your neoCatalog designs. To do this you have two options:

1) Connect the panel using bonjour detected neoCatalogs in your network:

2) Using the QR code that neoCatalog creates. To do this, go to neoCatalog and login with your user name and password. In neoCatalog, click on the wheel icon next to the user name tab and select the option to 'Link App'.  

New dialog opens giving options to copy the QR to paste it in the panel. It copies the url to your clipboard.

Back to neoCatalog Panel, paste the QR code in the required field and click on 'Register' to create the connection. 

With successful connection the designs will be loaded automatically. 

neoCatalog Panel can be disconnected any time from neoCatalog when pressing on the user icon and click on 'Logout'. Or else, from neoCatalog Linked Apps from Administration Page > Licensing (refer to neoCatalog Admin manual). Once neoCatalog Panel is disconnected from neoCatalog, the link must be established again using the QR code as described in the first step.

In the search field you can search design with design codes/names and keywords. Even when using part of the name it will show you the found images with default colorway.  To view design's information, select one design and press on the tab  and the information bar opens showing you neoCatalog's design informations:

Double click on the design image will direct you to the design's colorways gallery.

Download Designs & Colorways

To download the design/colorway, select the design and click on the 'Download Design' or 'Download Colorway' at the bottom of the panel, or else double click on the design/colorway. The panel downloads a copy of the original file from neoCatalog and opens automatically in Adobe® Photoshop® using the original file name. 

If you download multiple designs and colorways, the download process you can view from download/upload icon  ↑↓  and select the already downloaded files with the the search icon.  Multiple downloads are possible. Downloading digital colorways will download the colorway file.

The downloaded files are store in the /<USER>/Downloads/neoCatalog Panel/ folder. 

When working with multichannel designs, you can download the low quality PSD file with lower dpi (by default 72 dpi).

Downloading multichannel colorways will download the separations design file with the colorways embedded, which can be viewed in nT Colorations

Downloading digital colorways will download the colorway file. 

Layers will be flatten in neoCatalog.

If you work with neoCatalog Cloud Service download (v3.9.0), then in nC Catalog Panel you can enable or disable the option.

Upload Designs & Colorways

Once designs and colorways are ready for use, you can upload design to neoCatalog with the 'Publish Design' or 'Publish Colorway' buttons at the bottom of the panel. Multiple uploads are possible. If design file uses same name, the design will be updated in neoCatalog. Else, it creates a new design in neoCatalog. 

For uploading design there are two options given where the design will be managed as 'Separated' or as 'Digital' design.  Once you click on one of the options, a new dialog opens to enter the design information's.

Updating designs uses the same process as the import. Simply use the modified design with same design file name and upload design to neoCatalog with the 'Publish Design'. It opens a dialog which informs you that the designs is going to be updated and shows the differences from file before and new file.

Colorways are unique and cannot be updated. If you want to replace a colorway, you need to delete it in neoCatalog and publish again as new colorway.