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Using specific gradients Layouts you are able to modify the gradient of a color. Those Layouts are editable if the color data base has gradients. If the color data base has colors, you can't edit the gradient. In such a case the gradient is only to show the percentage.

Press the next highlighted icon  to see the options. In the menu list you can select to Color to gradients... or Gradients to color...

Select one of the gradient Layouts in your color library and chose the option Colors to gradients. Click on the color in the gradient that you want to modify. The color picker opens and you can change the color.

Select the color using the color space or values and press Ok.

The new color will be applied correctly into the gradient. If you wish to go back to colors, chose the option Gradients to colors.

Color Variations

This option is starting from a determined color that will carry out variations between patches of a certain percentage of color. 

In one open color library clicking on the color patch and selecting the option 'Variations' from contextual menu or from bottom menu  the color variations dialog option opens.

This option provides color variations of the color using color deviation and color steps:

  • Deviation:  It is the maximum percentage of variation of the generated colors with respect to the selected color. 
  • Max steps:  Total number of patches to be generated.

Clicking on the color, a color picker window opens to select the color by either introducing directly the value or pressing on the color selection box.

Click on 'Ok' and the palette will be created in the color library. Your selected colors will be calculated and displayed in arrangement of your patch size. The origin color is displayed in the corner of the palette.