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nT Colorations

Channel groups

The new feature to create and use channel-group provides the probability to have separation channels embedded in one color group. The grouping allows adapting the lightness and gradient of the same color when is used in the same group, also when working with color libraries. From 'Channel options' dialog you can co-ordinate the channel group assignment and order.

New view of the channel colors

New interface to visualize in which status the color channel is set:

  • It applies a mask on inactive or non-visible channels
  • It visualizes all the selected channels by holding the mouse over one of them with Shift key
  • It allows you to view the selected channels by holding the mouse over one of them in grayscale with the Alt key pressed
  • It changes the modifier to access the color picker with double click on the color channel with the Cmd key pressed

Contextual menu of color channels

New menu for color channels to provide a list of channel management, that provides quick access for channel options:  

  • Hide or show colors
  • Activate and assign superposition coloring methods
  • Lock or unlock colors in colorations
  • Opening color picker
  • Synchronize colors
  • Assigning or change the channel group

nC neoCatalog Panel

Multiple downloads

Now you can download multiple designs at the same time. This will help you to work continuously on the panel, such as publish or search designs, while downloading files.