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Open the image with Adobe® Photoshop®. Bear in mind that nT Masquerade only works with RGB format images. Display the drop-down option list from File | Automate and click on nT Masquerade 8.XX. or else with nT neoTextil Panel shortcuts.

Let's take a look at the plugin tools to understand its key elements (listed from top to bottom):

  • Make, OK & Cancel - Once you've got a separation done, click 'OK' to save the modifications and return to Photoshop. With 'Cancel' you will go back to Photoshop without keeping the changes. 'Make' will generate the separation file and export it in Photoshop. 
  • List of color separations - On the left sidebar you can see all the color separations created. The color points in channel panels indicating the group color.
  • Preferences & Channels - From here you can create, duplicate and delete separations with . Preferences can be opened from , which will be seen further on in this document.
  • Values & Color - Shows the color RGB values, color and black separation in % of selected separation.
  • Quality - Here you can select the separation type: 
    • High precision: Gives precision in detail separations
    • Smooth Gradient: Gives smoother and seamless in gradient separations (limited to 12 channels)
  • Export RGB - Options to export separation in different types
  • Allow overprint - It allows separations with 2 colors overprint
  • Separation options - From the tab you can modify levels and adjust the color transparency hue
    • Color - Opens color picker and searches for surrounding colors in the separation channel. Or using Shift + ⌘ Cmd + click  (windows: Shift + Ctrl + Alt + click) on the desired color to set center color.
    • Group - Option the join color separations in one group to be independent in color mix with other channels
    • Tolerance -  The tolerance of a color can be modified by increasing or lowering its value. By default, the value is 255.
    • Plain ink - Convert separation in 100% grayscale
  • Original Preview window - Shows the preview of the original image.
  • Separation Preview window - Shows the preview of the separation image. The button with an arrow next to the zoom, on each preview window, displays yet more preview options:
    • Using 'Color' you can preview the separation to original
    • Using 'Delta-E' you can preview the parts that are not included in the separation (green=not separated)
    • Using 'Grayscale' you can preview the channels.
  • The image and separation can be zoomed in with by cmd ⌘+ Space and zoomed out with Alt + Space. To set to scale modus, at the bottom of the window are the values, which can be changed. With the hand-drag  you can move the image offset. The hand-drag comes available with click and hold Space key.