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QuickPrint is a fast printing mode that uses the Layouts installed on the server. QuickPrint allows to make printouts of the designs colorways in a fast way, using neoCatalog layouts in format TIFF. If you use Print Server connection you can also export XJB.

QuickPrint will appear in you neoCatalog iOS from Actions button  only if this option is activated in your neoCatalog Web Administration preferences. This export function will work with published colorways only. For local colorways this options doesn't appear.


When the option 'QuickPrint' from Actions is selected, the QuickPrint dialog opens, with mandatory selection of layout, page size, customer and destination.

If you wish to change the layout, press the arrow >. If your layouts provide a preview thumbnail of the layout structure, it will be shown next the name. Or else, only the name of the layout is listed.

Layout previews are not generated automatically. If you wish to have previews of generated Layout export in QuickPrint, they must be created and stored on neoCatalog Server in folder QuickPrint using the layouts names.

neoCatalog will create a TIFF image file in the server. By default, the folder is in /Library/WebServer/Documents/neoCatalog/QuickPrint/QuickPrint/. More destination folders can be created in neoCatalog. Please contact your neoCatalog Administrator.

QuickPrint & Print Server

This feature is optional and made for needs to generate and send print jobs directly to Print Server from QuickPrint. In QuickPrint the Print Servers and the embedded print schemes can be selected. 

This function must be enabled from Administration and requires configuration of Print Server URL connected to neoCatalog Web, hat only an Administrator of the program can do. Please refer to the neoCatalog Admin Manual to do the configuration. 

When the function Print Server is enabled and configured in your neoCatalog Web, the option Send to neoStampa to send print jobs directly to Print Server becomes available in QuickPrint.

To send QuickPrint jobs to Print Server, select the option Send to neoStampa. From the same tab your can select the configured Print Server. 

The first step is to select the configured Print Server from Printer.  In Scheme you can select the transmitted schemes of the Print Server. Format allows to select types between TIF and XJB.

With Print Automatically you can manage the start of the print, enable the option will start the print in print server automatically. The last row indicate the date of the last print server connection .

Once the Printer is selected, a new icon appears in the main screen where you can view and select available printers.

When you press on the icon   near the printer selection in QuickPrint dialog, it opens a new windows with the information of the Print Server and the print job queue. The queue can be managed from this window.