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The option 'Print' is simplified export option from QuickPrint that allows you to create printouts more visually and dynamically. All supported exportation formats are joined in one place that can be downloaded or send my email. The option is located at the footer bar.


Following option are provided as destination:

  • JPEG: Generates file according your page setup as JPG format to be downloaded in your computer.
  • PSD: Generates file according your page setup as PSD format to be downloaded in your computer.
  • TIF: Generates file according your page setup as TIF format to be downloaded in your computer.
  • XJB: Generates file according your page setup as XJB format to be downloaded in your computer.
  • PDF: Generates file according your page setup as PDF format to be downloaded in your computer.
  • Send to neoStampa: Sending print job according your page setup to the printing queue of Print Server.

Send to neoStampa

With 'Send to neoStampa' and working with neoStampa's Print Server you can add the printing queues using the IP address with port, even add more Print Server connections manually is possible. The printing queue can be open and view from same dialog. To send to printing document, click on the option at the footer menu.

1) Choose option

2) Add Print Server

3) Add more and view printing queues.

Send by email as PDF

This option located on the footer menu allows to send a link via email where you can download the PDF documents. Choose the quality of the PDF before yous end the email.


This feature is optional and made for needs to export series of neoCatalog layouts with specified page configuration and valid for any user with export permissions. Using presets to generate newly and also files that are already in the database neoCatalog. Another option to create presets is from Administration.  To create preset, make your layout selection and page configuration and click on 'Save as new' and a new dialog opens where you can name and describe the new preset. 

The option 'Public' allows to share your preset with another users. If this option is not activated, the preset is visible for the creator only. Finally, click on 'Save' to create the preset. Modifications on presets page settings can be done in the print dialog anytime, too. To save the modification, click on 'Save' from Presets below. Deleting presets can be done from Administration only.

To work presets, select the preset when dialog is open and select one form the list. The preview will b e updated according to the preset configuration.


From drop-down menu you can select the installed neoCatalog Layouts that will be used to create the page document. To install your layouts refer to Administration. By default we provide sample layouts

Paper Size

Select the page size, that are given in standard sizes, custom or Layout Size to customize your page document. 'Layout Size' will use the programmed page size that is used for the layouts.


From the buttons you can select, change or unselect the installed neoCatalog Virtual simulations that will be applied in the page document. To install layouts refer to Administration.


From the search field you can select the available customer existing in neoCatalog. If you layout support the customer field, the customer name will be applied in the page document. To create new customer refer to the user and contact management in administration.


The field is a text field to enter your comments for the page document.

Page Document Preview and items

The preview will show in live update the customisation on your page document.  Multiple pages are shown and a zoom option provides accurate view on the page. The list of the items is on the left with possibility to remove the items from same view.


When using watermarks in your designs, according to the user privileges, the watermarks will be applied to the print document automatically or can be enabled/disabled for the print document with option 'Watermark' below the layout selection.