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Import designs

neoCatalog offers a very easy way to import designs automatically with drag&drop or selection functionality. neoCatalog allows to import two kinds of design types, Digital or Separated.

  • In case we want to color the design, the file must be Separated (Multichannel), in format PSD, PSB or TIFF.
  • Digital designs are supported in color modes RGB and LAB and in formats JPEG, PNG, PSD, PSB, TIFF and AI.

In order to do the importation from neoCatalog, make sure that you have the proper privileges for Create Design. Contact your Administrator.

1) From the 'Create' button  select Digital Design or Separated Design which will direct you the the import dialog. Drag&drop a file here or click. Continue with 'Import'.

With the  same file name of one existing design in neoCatalog will update the existing design.

2) Once uploaded, it opens the Design Info window automatically to enter or modify design informations. Continue with 'Save'.

Design informations:

  • File name: Using file name or counter for next design number. Can be modified.
  • Design type: Digital or Separated.
  • Designer: By default the logged user.
  • Status: Select from given options.
  • Original: Define an original name (alias).
  • Customer: Type to search for customer.
  • Exclusivity: By default is enabled.  Expiration date available when is exclusive. 
  • Keywords: Select from given options or type to create new keywords.
  • Collections:  Select from given options
  • Comments: Optional

3) After the importation is completed it shows the detail view of the design in neoCatalog.

Refer to Design and Colorways Info and learn how to edit design informations in same dialog after importation.

Update designs

Design's update is one process which replaces the file in the application and updates design data.

1) From 'Edit' button go to 'Edit Design Info...'. This action opens a dialog with designs information. At the bottom of the dialog click on 'Send File'.

2) It opens the drag&drop dialog to choose and upload new file, as seen in the design importation. Drag&drop a file here or click. Continue with 'Import'.

3) It will detect the file differences and compare to the existing file. Continue with the confirmation button.

3) After the importation is completed it shows the detail view of the design in neoCatalog.

Delete Designs and Colorways

Deleting Design and Colorway option can be accessed from button  from menu bar that appears in all pages. When deleting Design, it will delete all embedded colorways of the design.  Deleting Colorways won't affect the design unless the design is using only one embedded colorway, which is fixed to the design file.

Design files that has been used for importations and color informations will be kept in the folders. Preview images will be removed form folders.