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Login Page

In neoCatalog you can customize the background of the login page. You can use a solid color or add image and use your company logo.

Background Color Login

To customize the background color of the login page, use the color picker, random gradient colors or type RGB hex values like '#FFFFFF' or css names like 'white'. Manually, you can embed your own background image in the Login window. Your file must be approx. 2000 x 900 px and in format JPG. The name must be bgImage.jpg. Store your file independent in neoCatalog. Refreshing the web browser neoCatalog login page will display the embedded background image.

Your file must be approx. 200x90px and in format JPG pr PNG. The name must be logo_neocatalog.png or logo_neocatalog.jpg. Store your file independent in neoCatalog folder. After refreshing the web browser neoCatalog login page the logo will be displayed.


Set the default application language, otherwise it will get the language from the user's browser.


If you wish to have interface, keywords, simulation, collection or treatments available in more than one language, or translated into codes, the table 'Translation' offers the possibility to do so in neoCatalog. 

After you enter Translations from Manage, in the list you see the existing translations, if any. With 'Add translation' you can create new  a translation.  Create translations by writing the word you want to translate in 'Original word', select the 'Type', select the language you want to translate from, and finally the new word. Click 'Save' when you finish and wish to keep the changes.

Preview Style

You can customize the preview style for designs and colorways individually that fits your need in design and colorways information.

Change the style of the previews and their containers with design and colorway informations using multiple labels, colors and preview titles. You can customize the preview style for designs and colorways individually that fits your need in design and colorways information.

Preview Style data and colors

Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green


  • Design type
  • Design code
  • Design name
  • Collection
  • Creation date
  • Design Status
  • Designer
  • Exclusive
  • Expiration Date
  • Keywords
  • Number of Channels
  • Customer
  • Price
  • Rapport
  • Rapport Direction
  • Resolution DPI
  • Trademark
  • Sub-trademark
  • Verification date
  • Verifier
  • Design Alias
  • Modification date
  • Size
  • Custom field

You have the options to change the size of the previews in pixel and also the inside size of the previews in cm, pixel or repeats.  Changes will only take effect to new generated thumbnails. To apply it also to the already existing ones you must remake them with 'Remake all' button.


Allows to select what designs you wish to view or in what order you want to see them by default.


Applies your company logo as watermark in designs view and output according to the user privileges.  The preview in preview modes will use the watermark.

Prepare you watermark logo file. Make sure to provide supported file format image. Working with one layer image keep the white part in 50% gray or dark, and the background in 100% black.

Once your watermark image is prepared, simply enable the option 'Enable Watermarks' and load the the image logo that will be applied as watermark. Make sure to provide supported file format image. Once image is selected, load it to your neoCatalog with 'Send' and save the addition with 'Save' button.

You can manage who can use and see the watermarks using the user privileges. The privilege manage how the user will view and export designs with watermarks is 'Show Watermarks' in Export and View Options which can be chosen as 'show' or 'hide'.

  • Show: The user with this privilege will always see and export design using the watermarks.
  • Hide: The user will not view designs with watermarks, but will have an option in 'Print' to export the print document with or without watermark. The watermark application in print document requires print layouts modifications to support watermarks.