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neoCatalog offers many options to view designs and colorways in different parts and cases to get the most of the design characteristic.

Colorway View

If you wish to view a design colorway, double click on it, or click on the button  from menu bar that shows the option Colorways or Detail View. You can do this from each showroom. If your selected design contains more than one embedded colorway, neoCatalog will show you all the colorways containing to the selected design. Double-click on colorway will direct you straight to the colorway view and when your design has only embedded colorway.

When opening a colorway, we access the detail view window, where we can view, edit or export such colorway. 

  • Each color channel is shown below the colorway with channel order, colors and colors names. Pressing the 'eye' icon you will see, in black and white, the separation of that channel.
  • This window shows you the colorway in real size by default. From the bar you can zoom it in or out, or select a zoom value. If the dimension doesn't match the real size, you have the possibility to calibrate the dimension with the ruler. Click and drag to resize it to the size.
  • General Information  on the upper left corner shows you the main colorway information.

Preview Modes

There are two preview modes: Grid  and Accordion 

Use 'Grid' mode if you want to view the designs in positioned next and below to each other.

Use 'Accordion' mode if you want to flip the designs from one to each other.

In both modes simulation objects can be applied. Click the simulation icon , on the top-right corner to enable this viewing mode. From the dropdown list you can choose the model you want to simulate in the design previews. To disable the simulation preview, simply click again no the simulation icon.

Browse through designs and colorways in a different way showing designs and colorways using the simulation objects.

Design Size Dimension

When you select or open a colorway, new button  appear at the menu bar. The button unfolds 3 options which are related to viewing modes:

Full Rapport - shows the design scaled so that it can be fully viewed, with its repetitions.

Real Size - shows the 100% of the design's size.

Presentation Size - shows a scaled design without repetitions.

Custom Offset

If you wish to see a specific part of the design in the colorway preview, here you can use the feature to customize the offset in the preview.

When opening a colorway you can move it graphically, changing therefore the offset. Such change can be saved from button  and the unfolded option 'Save current offset' below the preview. You can go anytime back to the original offset with  or go back to the custom offset with  .

In Server version offset can be changed also manually in the 'Edition Design Info' window.

Colorway Cover Image

The design preview in showroom is using by default the embedded colorway. If you wish to use any other colorway as new design cover, the option Set as cover image from button  from menu bar can make this action. Select or open a colorway and the option becomes available.