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neoCatalog's Administration provides several tables and preferences to provide the most efficient and best working process and workflow for the end-user. This documentation provides an exhaustive explanation about Administration, from its features to a comprehensive walkthrough about its use, and it is intended for users who are account administrators. The account administrator of neoCatalog will be the only user to have unlimited access to all neoCatalog's options. Such administrator has access to the Administration main navigation tab.

To access the administration pages, click on the wheel  and click on the option Administration after the log inWith it, you get the following features:

  • Management - Create and manage users, and control users with privileges. Import simulation object to simulate colorways and color libraries to color new colorways. Unfolds a list of setup tables, where you can create contents and upload files to manage and permit neoCatalog´s workflow.
  • Preferences - Several preferences to enable modules, create categorizations labels, customize user interface with your logo and configure designs view. Preferences offers several interface and navigation settings.
  • Licensing - Information and management of activation licenses, registered devices and registered apps.
  • 3.5 Stats - Information of the amount of designs, colorways, galleries, users added from the beginning, as well as login sessions. 
  • System Info - Shows neoCatalog UUID, version and application components, system/processor info, and DropBox importation background tasks status.