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Automatic Image and tags

The automated option will index your designs and detect if similar designs in your neoCatalog exist. It allows you to search images with two options:

  • Automatic generated tags so that search of designs is easier using design character parameters.
  • Search images that are visually similar to any designated query image.

As a neoCatalog admin user you need to configure the option of using Clarifai API. In neoCatalog Administration go to Preferences > Modules and enable the 'Tags':

Make your own registration on to create new application and using API key with required data: App name, Language and Base Workflow has to be General:

Configure the part of Tags with required configuration API key data, save and restart the application. When is restarted you will be able to search designs:

Search for visually similar images by button in the header bar in home design page:

Or use Advanced Search to search by image or tags: