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neoCatalog provides several options to share your deigns and colorways, with our without user access. 

Share Samples with QR code

This function is perfect to share your colorways in a sample page with design information and simulations with people without access to neoCatalog. It will share a public link that can be accessed without login.

When selecting single or multiple designs/colorways and select 'Share Samples' options from Share button  on the footer menu. Same selection option also available for items inside Galleries.

It opens a share dialog to select the simulations category and objects,  enter email and your comments to share the samples. When sharing page with multiple e-mails, then the comma separation (, will split into individual emails. With 'View Sample Page' you can preview your page before sending it. If your gallery that you are sharing this way has an expiration date, then you have the possibility to to select the same expiration date for the sample page shared link. 

Once the samples are shared the email recipient will receive an email with a link to the sample page. The link expires in 12 months.

Clicking in the link you will open a page with the shared samples displayed in real size, with design information and applied in simulations.

The quality and the height of the design preview, and the contact information can be changed in the advanced preferences in administration. Contact your admin. 

  • Quality (px) and the height (%) of the design preview. By default we use 150px for the quality and 100% preview.
  • Inside size of width and height (px). By default we use one full rapport as inside size.

Working with layouts that use the QR code, you can scan the QR code and it will redirect you directly to the public sample page. 

Share Items

This is the other way of sharing designs and colorways, but to invite users to have and access neoCatalog. Go to Designs or Colorways View and make your selection. If you make your selection from Designs View the embedded colorway will be used. Once your selection is done, click on the Export button  on each page and choose option 'Share Item'. When items are shared, it will create a new gallery. The action will take you to the invitation dialog, where you can name the gallery and enter the email addresses of invitees that will receive the link via email.


  • Download PDF: Allows access to 'Print' option to generate and download PDF, JPEG and print document with web browser printer. If public presets exist, then this user will be able to use it.

  • Export: Allows to download XCM and design file being in details view:

Once email is received, click on the link. If the invitee is already an existing neoCatalog user with access, then the user will be redirected to the gallery.

If the invitees is a new user to neoCatalog, then he will be required to create a password to enter shared gallery inside neoCatalog and become an active neoCatalog user with category 'customer'.

You will access Galleries but remains private and cannot be viewed except of you and the invitees.