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Modules provides application components with different coordinated tasks that can be introduced and adapt in your workflow.


One of neoCatalog's options is to classify your colorways into galleries, which you will be able to keep it private or public. Galleries are enabled by default. Refer to the user manual for more usage informations.

Print Server

Enable the preference to work with Print Server connected with neoCatalog, which will search for the Print Servers printers automatically. Refer to the user manual for more usage informations.


Enables or disables the rating with like, dislike and comments in the footer menu in every page.

QuickPrint presets

Enables or disables the option to create and edit presets on the Print dialog. Refer to the user manual for more usage informations.


Enables or disables the automated option that will index your designs and detect if similar designs in your neoCatalog exist. It allows you to search images with two options:

  • Automatic generated tags so that search of designs is easier using design character parameters.
  • Search images that are visually similar to any designated query image.

Paneling Options

Enables paneling options for flooring simulations.

Design Attachments

Enables adding custom attachments to designs.