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Using neoCatalog connection linked with neoMatch the creation and modifications on colors can be published to neoCatalog. This feature comes available only when a color is selected in colors list and connection with neoCatalog established. Select one color and go to Utilities | Publish Color… to open the 'Publish Color' dialog.

The dialog opens showing the color and its information. If not linked to neoCatalog yet, here is the option to do it, following the steps in section 2.5 Link with neoCatalog in this document.

If the connection to neoCatalog was established before, you will see similar colors in neoCatalog listed below.

neoMatch will search for similar colors with dE 3 by default. Anyway, you can increase dE to max 10 to filter more colors. In the list you can see the results found in all neoCatalog color libraries. Next to the slider you can see the mount total of filtered colors.

In the tab Color Library you are able to select neoCatalog's color library where you want to publish the color.

After all filter and selection, click on button Publish to publish the color. With success the notification pops up.

This message indicates color name duplicates in the color library. If you get this notification while publishing, then change the name of the color and repeat the action.