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DTG includes any Direct to Garment printing. One of its peculiarities is the usage of white ink and is similar to applications in the DTF emerging market. This option is licensed based.

Opening DTG document

When opening a document, the option Open as has to be selected. From the other options, DTG is shown with the icon If, instead of opening a document, you choose to open a new document, the window that will appear is the following. In the case of DTG type documents, the design will appear repeated in such a way as to cover the whole of the surface that is to be printed.

Composition Options

When loading a design in DTG mode you can modify the image in usual functions (crop, rotate, resize etc.). We may establish the Medi option for the Rapport, by selecting them in 'Rapport' from Control Center.

We may establish the 'Media Color' to apply color in the Media Size. It simulates the final result in preview, when having white or transparencies designs.